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If you refer other people to Learn Motorsport Photography I will give you 60% of the Money on all orders you refer.  If you have a website, Facebook page or Blog get ready to make some money!



Our book is sold through E-Junkie use the link below to sign up for an Affiliate Account

Join our Affiliate Program!


We pay our affiliates 1-4 weeks of month end via Paypal, please note we do not pay Affiliates

who purchase the book themselves.


So, Step One


Sign up to the Affiliate Program here


Join our Affiliate Program!


Step Two


Use the Link E-Junkie creates for you to promote the book, plus our images below if you require them.


Step Three


Please read the Do's and Don'ts Below


Step Four


Sign up on our Affiliates email list encase we release new products or have any special promotions etc, (Very Important!)



Do's (Good Marketing Idea's)

  • If you have a BLOG or website or Social Media page use the images below to help promote the book, have them clickable with your affiliate link as the hot link.

  • If you have an email list you could send out a recommendation to the list

  • With your BLOG write a review of the book, include images of your own where you've learnt something new.

  • Use Pay per click advertisements to send traffic to your affiliate links.

  • Maybe make a video with you using the book on track with a link back to your affiliate link.

  • If you share your images on line like Facebook or Instagram make sure you include a link to your affiliate link.


  • Do spam anyone with your link

  • Don't try and post your link where they are not allowed, check the local site terms and conditions

  • Don't do anything that is illegal or dishonest with the link

  • You are not permitted to sell this book anywhere except with your affiliate link, for instance eBay, these will be seen and reported and removed, usually within a few days.


Promotional Items

Below are some promotional items banners etc you are welcome to use when promoting Learn Motorsport Photography, if you have any special requests please email me.


To copy just right click and "save as"


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